!Tortoisesoft Enterprises PuzzleIT is an educational and recreational program which creates a multi-piece rectangular shaped puzzle from any user supplied picture. The program can generate puzzles with between just two or one hundred pieces in any screen mode and can save part done screens for later completion.

This facility will be helpful for recording a student's progress in an educational situation. Puzzles which can be created range from the very easy to the remarkably taxing and yet the computer can tell the user where to put each piece if required.Hint modes can be turned on and off during use as can a picture of the completed puzzle. PuzzleIT currently is only available for the RISC OS range but may be ported to Windows if demand requires.

The application and Full StrongHelp and text file instructions are available
by clicking here . This is Job-Shareware.

You may need to set the Strong Help file type to &3D6.