PresentIT is as all singing all dancing as a do-it-yourself presentation system can get. It can really sing and dance if you want it to (but not quite at the same time). It can show individual still slides, sequences of slides, slides containing animated areas, whole animation screens, triggered sound samples, static and dynamic on-screen notes and also act as an application launcher.

If the application is an ARM Movie it will show them too. Every slide can also have user defined hot zone click actions which can be used to navigate the presentation. Click on a hot zoned area and make one of the many features listed above do its thing. For stand alone display purposes either click on the frame advance icon for manual control or leave it running as an automatic display by clicking on the Play icon.

Create your own presentations - including animations - using the familiar and easy to use !Draw application. Tortoisesoft's 'Torils' could come in handy here but it is not essential. Amadeus sound samples are played by default but any file which will do anything on your computer can be made to do it with Tortoisesoft - PresentIT as part of a presentation sequence or through an explorable set of hot zoned linked screens. Demonstrations of Tortoisesoft products in PresentIT format for display in our PresViewer application are available by request.


Click here to download the application and full(ish) instructions.

Clickhere to download demo files for SaveIT and here to download demo files for PuzzleIT .

This must be considered a Beta product and so please send me bug reports and sugestions with your job offers and tenners:-) stays as it is...