The first Acorn / RISC OS product from Tortoisesoft Enterprises was NewSaver. It was developed further at ECS but has now been greatly upgraded and is only available directly from the author - me - here as SaveIT. This program provides a new and yet familiar and intuitive way to save data and information from any Acorn / RISC OS program.

SaveIT runs in the background adding new facilities which allow work to be saved without having to first worry about where to put it. Work can be dragged to the left side of the screen or on to a special user-named icon when a directory will automatically open. Each individual user can have their own set of these directories and only the current user's directory will open when they are using NewSaver. Users can log on or off easily by either typing their name or clicking on a previously automatically created icon. This facility is very useful where speed is required or where the user has difficulties with reading or seeing the computer display. SaveIT runs on all versions of Risc OS (I think) and has been further enhanced for Risc OS4.

Full instructions for version one can be read by clicking here

SaveIT and its instructions (which need working on) are here too

If you are going to get Risc OS4, and you should, you will need some way of finding one file in all the hundreds that can be fed in to a directory these days. The PC has a way, typing the first few letters and there it is. SiCat does better, it also has wildcards:-) Get it here and now, inc instructions,for the usual Job/Shareware price of ten quid or a job.