The menus in LadyBay are not quite as obvious to use as is normal, this is to prevent wandering (student) fingers upsetting the LadyBay option settings. The main menu is as normal with the File entry leading to NewUser and Quit.


NewUser brings up the first log on window and Quit exits the program. The interesting stuff is in the Options menu.
Here you can select the question type and difficulty, how long the question will stay on display and enable or disable the sound and animation features.


The Help menu holds no big suprises, the About box is standard but Website and html help may need a clicking or two - or you can't read this again!



There is one other menu, it can be seen by clicking the mouse's left button while the pointer is at the far left hand side of the screen. When this is done -

[Picture] - you should see this...

Edit word lists lets you edit the word lists, which is a good thing. View log files is similary well named, as are New User and Exit which are only there as makewieghts as they are also on the main File menu.