The Lady Bay primary tutor from Tortoisesoft Enterprises



This program has been designed with the assistance of the staff and pupils of the Lady Bay Primary school in West Bridgford Nottingham in the UK. The aim is to provide teachers with a computerised tool for achieving multiple government set teaching goals while actually educating and also entertaining their pupils.

With the constantly changing demands put on schools it is important that the software available for the education community keeps pace - otherwise it will be of no use very rapidly. Only one computer system can offer this speed of flexibility - that is why it is already in most schools today although that reason is often forgotten. Despite the fact that ordinary PC machines are not up to the job, Tortoisesoft Enterprises has used techniques developed on the Acorn now RISC OS range of computers such that even PC software can be updated fast enough for any school to have a personalised version made for it within a month. This is just one service which Tortoisesoft Enterprises offers. One of the first programs available on both platforms in this new range is the Lady Bay primary tutor. It contains five sub sections, one for text matching and four others covering basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The program provides a number of tools to present a pre-chosen selection of words or maths questions to a student in a set order. The words are stored as individual lists within the program and can be quickly and easily altered, removed or added by any teacher who can use a text editor or word processor. The maths questions are set but cover questions ranging from the simple 1+1 up to 20*20 including all in between (like 19*18 etc). Division questions currently are restricted to those which have whole number answers.

Training can be provided by Tortoisesoft Enterprises for staff who do not yet feel confident in any aspect of IT in education. It should only take a few minutes for a keyboard happy adult to work out what to do with any Tortoisesoft Enterprises product anyway.

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