Difficulty levels

The sections which covers simple maths does not use word lists. The Addition tutor provides a number of tools to present a graded range of simple addition questions to a student in a random order. The questions are generated by the program and the level increments automatically as soon as a pre-set number of correct answers has been given. The questions start by default at level one by asking the student to add two numbers from 1 to 3. After five correct answers the range changes such that one number is still in the range 1 to 3 but the other is 1 to 5. The difficulty increases slowly in this way but any level can be directly entered via the Options menu.


The system is similar for the Subtraction section. The Multiplication section however is split in to two, one a Rote times-table trainer, the other giving questions randomly but graded by difficulty. The range extends to 20 times 20.

The Division section again works as before but with the addition that only questions which have a whole answer are asked. Teachers can use the program as a less threatening introduction to division - when presented after the tables section has been worked though the concept of division being the reverse of multiplication should become clearer to the student.

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