The Lady Bay primary tutor from Tortoisesoft Enterprises




Each question is presented in large easy to read text which can be made to go out automatically at preset times from one to fifteen seconds or stay on display all the time. The program uses this auto-shut feature so that the student has to remember what they saw and then answer it - learning the spelling (if it was a word question) or training their memory for numbers as they go.

If the answer is correct then an animated smiley face appears expanding from a small yellow dot, winks and gives a verbal approval before expanding further and popping thus wiping the old question and bringing up the next. The animation and sounds can be turned off individually if required.

Three chances are given to correctly answer the question before the next is presented automatically. After the second incorrect answer to a maths question the answer is shown, a target word is re-shown after any incorrect attempt, no other indication of failure is given as this may be off-putting to the student.

The words used in the word lists can be altered and added to by the teacher or parent by means of a hidden menu. Right click at the far left hand edge of the screen to display the Edit Word list menu option.


The program starts by asking for the student to type their name. This name is mirrored in the title bar of the upper window so that the teacher can see that the student has correctly logged on. This name is also used to create a log file of the student's progress. The date and start time of the program is noted, the word list used, the words themselves and the number of errors made on each word are all logged. At the end of the run - when the program is shut down or when another student logs on - the log file shows the end time, the percentage correct answers, the total number of words attempted and the total time taken.


The log information is stored in a directory called Logs which can be found in the same directory as the LadyBay program itself. Inside this directory will be a number of further directories - one is made automatically for each student. The next time a student returns to the program their new results are added indicated by the time and date to the old file. Thus a full record of achievement is automatically created which can be printed out fully tabulated on any printer from any text or word processor. The logs can be viewed from the hidden menu options.

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