Tortoisesoft Enterprises Utils

Tortoisesoft Enterprises Utils is a suite of utilities for the Acorn / RISCOS computer. Among its facilities is one which remembers the last used screen mode and allows the user to change back to it with a single click of the mouse. Tortoisesoft Enterprises Utils also stores a default screen mode which can be set by the user separately from the stored last mode.

Utils will also store the screen mode in force when the program was last shut down and uses this mode when Utils is next run. By clicking with the Adjust button after moving the mouse to either the far right of the current screen or by clicking on the Utils icon window Utils will change to the last used mode. It also provides a set of hot key actions for speeding the use of the already incomparable RiscOS desktop. To see what else it can do click here to see the StrongHelp manual and then get it with a click here then keep it for ever as a job-shareware product for a 10 uk pounds registration.

Set the filetype of all StrongHelp files collected from this site to srthelp 3D6. Some may NOT be archived.