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Custom made computing solutions

Tortoisesoft Enterprises can also offer custom designed software products for industry, education, enthusiast or home use. Based initially on the advanced Acorn / RISC OS computer system - software can be built to meet almost any requirements (apart from any financial or large database systems where specialist non-computing knowledge is required).

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Computer Services

Software Creation

Software already in use in the market place includes code for controlling and monitoring systems, presenting information, educational resources and Acorn / RISC OS computer utilities. Available now from Tortoisesoft Enterprises are NewSaver, Tortoisesoft Enterprises Puzzler, Tortoisesoft Enterprises Utils and LadyBay - a primary school tutor program. Both LadyBay and NewSaver are also available for the IBM clone PC.

Personalized children's computer games and learning aids can also be created based on the popular "My World2" Acorn / RISC OS and PC program.

File conversions and recovery

Tortoisesoft Enterprises can recover many (but not all) files from damaged and corrupted Acorn / RISC OS or PC floppy or ZIP discs. Files can also be transferred from one format to another. Transfer to and from MAC discs may be provided in future if demand requires.

Custom made computers

If you can't find what you are looking for tell us what you want. Acorn / RISC OS or PC computers can be supplied to order - built to customer specifications. Machines will have a standard parts guarantee and customer‘s bought software can be pre-installed if required. Unfortunately no in-depth support can be provided for any non-hardware related problems on PC platforms although assistance is available for the Acorn / RISC OS range (owing to far greater ease of support and reliability).

Web page authoring

This site is continually updated and is just one example of the sort of site which Tortoisesoft Enterprises can build for any customer. The high quality graphics capabilities available as standard on Acorn / RISC OS computers gives the Acorn / RISC OS machine the upper hand in web site development and production. Sites made on an Acorn / RISC OS tend to load faster and show greater picture quality than those created on other systems. Sites can be read by any other computer without need for any "plug in".

RISC OS software

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