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Pre-release PC prog files

PC NewSaver


As of July 2003 there is an updated version of PC newsaver available HERE. The new version has extended temporary file list, an improved help page and unlimited files can be used in the main source directory. The zip file here is just the exe file and the help directory. The VB DLLs can be downloaded and used from the other version if required.

NewSaver CAB file 1 - 1,283K

NewSaver CAB file 2 - 242K

NewSaver setup file 137K

NewSaver setup list file 4K


Files for PC LadyBay

LadyBay1.CAB 1,310K

LadyBay2.CAB 1,281K

LadyBay16.DEP 848b

Set-up list 5.5K

Setup.exe 140K




To use these program files, down load them, put them in a directory and run the relevant Setup.exe file which will ask you questions as it runs.

Files which load as text in the browser window can be saved as text with a txt extension.

There is no charge for these files, so there is no comeback either, but I would love a job if youv'e got one:-)

DISCLAIMER - being PC files and not knowing the configuration of your machine I will not be held responsible for any problems downloading the files may cause. The files require Visual Basic run time DLLs which will be installed automatically.